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Emma's 55 mile coast-to-coast fundraising bike challenge

Updated: May 23, 2022

Emma Treichl, one of our Trustees, embarked on the 55 mile Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge charity bike ride on 15th of May 2022 from Watchet Harbour in Devon to West Bay, Dorset in aid of the Family Counselling Trust.

A message from Emma:

Thank you so much for everyone who supported me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am and also how delighted that I managed to make it to the finishing line.

It was really a very uplifting experience. The atmosphere was buoyant and friendly and my fellow cyclists made me feel part of a team and not the complete novice that I am (was).

The day has its ups and downs. Sometimes strange things happened such as a food delivery van and a camper caravan getting wedged together in a narrow country lane and blocking it’s completely. On another occasion a procession of vintage Bentleys going just about the same speed as us bicyclists joined us on a particularly steep hill. I suppose the most dramatic moment was when the heavens opened and we were all totally drenched. On one other occasion there seem to be absolutely no one around and I was convinced that I had taken the wrong turn. The stewards were fantastic, special thanks goes to Dianne Baggs who twisted my arm into doing this in the first place and to Rufus who has cycled a great deal in the past and taught me a lot about how to prepare for the race and get through it on the day. His appearance with a can of tinned cappuccino midway was a very happy sight, perhaps not the most orthodox energy booster but it definitely worked !

Above all I am very happy that I am able to help the many children and families who need therapy to help them overcome mental illness.

Thank you so much for your generosity and support. It means a great deal to me.

To sponsor Emma's challenge, please visit:

Well done and thank you to Emma and all who have donated so far.

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