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You can refer to FCT if you are a professional working with children & young people
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Any Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset or Wiltshire agency may refer to the Family Counselling Trust.  These agencies include GPs, Schools, Paediatricians, CAMHS, Children’s Centres as well as other VCS partners. Please note that all referrals must meet our criteria (see below), and provision of counselling is subject to availability of funds at the time of application.  If you think your referral meets our criteria, please download the referral form and when completed send to our relevant county team.

 Children and young people up to age 18 with:

  • Mild depression

  • Mild anxiety and obsessional behaviour

  • Early concerns about body image, eating and weight which are interfering with functioning

  • Challenging behaviour and difficulty regulating emotions

  • Being bullied, bullying others and peer group difficulties

  • School refusal or non-attendance

  • Problems arising from bereavement, family break up, loss or upheaval

  • Family communication and relationship issues

  • Mild self-harm

  • Minor issues with substance misuse

  • Emotional and behaviour problems arising from physical illness or disability

  • Victims of Sexual Abuse

  • Difficulties with gender and/or sexual identity

  • Social Media pressures

 Who we can help 

​Children and young people who generally have more complex or long-term disorders need more specialist help, so FCT cannot support the following conditions: 

  • Severe depression

  • Severe anxiety and obsessional behaviour

  • Psychosis

  • Severe challenging behaviour, conduct disorder

  • Risky, dangerous or suicidal behaviour

  • Severe substance misuse

  • Children who are in the care of the local authority 

  • Children on a Child Protection Plan/Order

  • Severe post traumatic disorder difficulties

  • Severe learning disability

* Please be aware that FCT is unable to accept any referrals where there are safeguarding concerns. Please click here for how to report safeguarding concerns in your area. 

 Who we can't help 
help criteria
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Before sending a referral form, please ensure the parent/carer has spoken to the child/young person and explained that you may be seeking counselling. As we are keen to make the best use of our resources, it is important that the child/young person is willing.


Please ensure you read the 'guidance for referrers' on the form fully, and provide as much detail as you can. 



07513 808849


07375 535407


The FLO will acknowledge receipt of your referral & may ask you for additional details. A call will be arranged with the family to discuss.


If the referral fits our criteria, our referral panel of mental health professionals review the case & decide if FCT can help.

(If we cannot offer appropriate help, the Family Liaison Officer will suggest alternative routes to the family.)



The family will receive an offer with details of the counsellor(s) they have been matched with. The Family Liaison Officer lets the counsellors know they have been offered sessions. 


The family choose which counsellor they want to work with and get in touch with them directly to arrange the first session.


On completion of the sessions, you will be sent a closing letter with an outcome & monitoring summary. 

Next steps
  • How much does counselling cost?
    Financial contributions towards therapy are on a sliding scale and assessed on the basis of household income as follows. If your child receives pupil premium, the school may be able to help with funding. Up to £26,000 pa including benefits: you pay £5 per session £26,000 - £35,000 pa including benefits: you pay £15 per session £35,000 - £42,000 pa including benefits: you pay £25 per session Over £42,000 pa including benefits: you pay full cost per session + a one-off £30 admin fee * Please note: if families can’t afford the contribution per session this can be discussed with the Family Liaison Officer. If families would like to contribute more for their sessions then this is most welcome and helpful.
  • Who are the counsellors?
    When you receive your offer letter, you will be given a choice of counsellors in your area. All counsellors / therapists who see children referred to FCT are carefully vetted and have prior experience of working with children. They are all trained and registered with a professional body, insured, hold clear enhanced DBS certificates and work in accordance with local safeguarding procedures.
  • What kind of counselling do you offer?
    Our counsellors offer a range of therapies including Family Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Art Therapy and Trauma Therapy.
  • How many sessions will I/we get?
    Our standard offer is of six sessions of counselling. At the discretion of the therapist, additional sessions may be offered if necessary.
  • Who will attend the counselling sessions?
    We offer a holistic service which includes family members where possible. Parents/grandparents and siblings may be invited to attend family therapy sessions when appropriate.
  • Where do the counselling sessions take place?
    This will be arranged between you and your counsellor who will endeavour to offer you a convenient location. This may be in therapy rooms, at the counsellors home, in school or at a GP practice near you. Online sessions can be available.


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