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Robert Montagu appointed as first president

Family Counselling Trust appoint first President

Family Counselling Trust is delighted to announce that Robert Montagu has been appointed as its first President. Robert, who worked for several years as a family psychotherapist in the NHS, founded the Charity in Dorset in 2005. He was increasingly concerned that children and young people were unable to access professional mental health treatment in the early stages of their developing conditions, with the result that these often became progressively more severe with the accompanying risk of deep and enduring damage to themselves and their families. Since then, the Charity has helped many thousands of families and expanded into Wiltshire, Somerset and Hampshire with plans for further expansion in due course.

Robert assumes the role of President of the Charity on January 1st 2023 after stepping down as Chair of the Dorset branch, and for many years as Chair of the Charity as a whole, which he has served selflessly and marvellously for 17 years. He does so with the heartfelt thanks not only of his colleagues in the Charity, but of all those families he has helped over the years. As President he will continue to support the charity he founded.

Robert is replaced as Chair in Dorset by Liz Rowe, who comes to us as a highly experienced senior director in the Not For Profit, health and social care sectors.

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Photo: Robert Montagu

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